Lip Flip vs Filler What is Best For You?

Lip Flip vs Filler, It’s hard not to begrudge the soft full mouth of Scarlett Johansson, the rotund or suggestive lips of Angelina Jolie. But indeed if you are not red-carpet status, you can still have that red-carpet look. It’s as easy as a lip flip or a lip filler.

We suggest both of these non-surgical injections from the comfort of Capizzi, M.D., so you can enhance the look you have with fuller, poutier lips that let you look and feel like a celebrity.
Consider a flip or padding before your coming big event, or just to freshen up your everyday appearance? Take a look at the pros and cons of each, so you can choose what’s stylish for your pretensions.

Lip Flip vs Filler Description

Let’s have a look at the difference between lip flip vs filler. We divided the two-part description and each other “pros and cons” in its category.

Lip Flip

Lip Flip vs Filler

A surgical lip lift is for those of you who want more fullness and shape of the lips. This procedure, known for its bull-horn cuts directly under the nose, can correct lip inconsistencies and give a generally fresh, youthful look.

Full and suggestive lips make the face look charming. Unfortunately, not every woman has been endowed by nature with the lips she dreams of. In addition, lips may lose their shape and slack with age. Fortunately, the aesthetic drug comes to the deliverance and offers a Lip Flip treatment that makes lips appear larger and clearer without paddings or surgery. In addition, the treatment provides veritably natural goods. Thus, if you want to have beautiful and full lips, it’s worth concluding for the Lip Flip treatment.

The Lip Flip treatment is grounded on revivification and natural blowup of the lips. For this purpose, Botox is used, with which it rises and improves the shape of the lips, which in turn makes them look fuller. Botox, or botulinum poison, relaxes the muscles of the lips, making them more visible. Keep in mind that generally only the upper lip is treated. Contrary to paddings, Botox doesn’t increase the volume of the lips, and turns the lip so that they come optically larger and fuller.

What does the Lip Flip procedure look like?

The Lip Flip treatment is performed with the use of thin needles through which the botulinum poison is introduced into the muscles around the lips. Generally, about 10 units of Botox are fitted into the upper or lower lip. When Botox is fitted into the muscles of the upper lip, it becomes” rolled up” and the pink part becomes visible. In addition, Botox injection reduces the distance between the mouth and the tip of the nose.

Lip Flip lip addition with Botox As a result

the lip figure acquires a more suggestive shape. In addition, mimic wrinkles come shallower, which is an fresh and positive effect of the Lip Flip treatment. It’s also worth emphasizing that the procedure isn’t veritably painful- still, people with low pain forbearance may advantage from anesthesia. The feeling during the procedure can be compared to a gentle pinching, which is why utmost cases don’t use anesthesia.

What are the goods of the Lip Flip treatment?

Lip Flip allows you to achieve full lips without invasive treatments and hindrance with the body. The goods in the form of larger lips can be seen virtually incontinently after the Botox injection. The process itself isn’t long and generally takes several twinkles. In addition, the Lip Flip treatment doesn’t beget swelling and greenishness, so we can return to our diurnal conditioning right after it’s performed. Still, the full goods after the injection of Lip Flip Botox will be visible after about 2 weeks and last up to 4 months. After this time, the treatment can be repeated.

Care after Surgery

Although the Lip Flip procedure is non-invasive and you can return to your day-to-day conditioning right after it’s performed, it’s worth following limited rules. Heavy physical exertion or lying on your stomach should be avoided. Also, it isn’t recommended to cock the head up to 4 hours after the procedure. It’s also worth avoiding massages, facial treatments and high temperature oscillations up to 7 days after the injection of Lip Flip Botox in the sauna or leeping porch.

Who’s Lip Flip a good result for?

With age, the firmness and blood force of the lips dent, which may change their shape. For this reason, the Lip Flip treatment is especially recommended for people who have lost their full lips as a result of the first signs of aging. Due to the non-invasive nature and low threat of side goods, the procedure can be performed at any age for both ladies and gentlemen.

Still, when it comes to the side goods of Lip Flip, some people may sustain slight bruising or swelling after the procedure. Still, they dissolve on their own and no treatment or special care is demanded.


  • The lip flip can compensate for a sticky smile, or a smile that shows a lot of your top epoxies and a thin stretch of the upper lip.
  • There’s no time-out after the injections. You are ready to step back out into your typical day.
  • It’s a less-invasive option for lip improvement. In fact, it’s considered to be one of the safest and most extensively used injectables on a global position.
  • The lip flip amplifies the natural shape of your lips, without exaggerating, for an each-natural effect.
  • It’s not so expensive as a lip filler. The minimal purchase of injectables is $250 or 20 units of Botox ®. Generally, the 20 units can target the forepart and lip flip, or you can add the lip flip to your chosen treatment for an fresh figure (it’s just 4-6 units).


  • There’s a detention in results. Complete results can be seen about a week after your visit.
  • You may experience short-term numbness and swelling.
  • The lip flip does not last as long as padding. It lasts about 4-6 weeks maximum, since the lips are so heavily used for expressions, eating and further. Harmonious keep is needed for a continual effect

Lip Filler

Lip Flip vs Filler

The lips over time lose their young and attractive appearance, they look thin, dry and opaque. And how do you prefer your lips to look? Thick and sensual? or thin and parched? If you chose the first option, you will be interested to know how to achieve it.

What is lip filler?

The lip filler is a cosmetic treatment that involves revitalizing the entry of substances that give back its volume and natural beauty . Its objective is to improve the appearance and health of the lips , because over the years they lose their vitality, they become thin, pale and dry.

What are the causes of thin lips?

There are some causes that make the lips sag, hide, lose volume and look thinner.

These are:

  • Loss of muscle firmness of the lips.
  • Decreased production of hyaluronic acid in the area.
  • Genetics .

How to get plump lips?

  • There are some alternatives to restore youth to your lips, there are cosmetic treatments that help thicken the lips.
  • The most natural aesthetic treatment is the lip filling with hyaluronic acid, since it is produced by the body itself, and which helps the uptake and retention of water, thereby hydrating and revitalizing the lips.
  • Unlike other treatments, it is not done through injections, it does not use dangerous substances, and it is painless.


  • Aesthetically shaped and quickly dissolved after injection.
  • Depending on the location, the effect can stay the same and last up to 18 months.
  • Helps to slim the chin, raise the bridge of the nose, fill the lips, shape baby cheeks, fill laugh lines,


  • Not approved by the FDA for use in orbital fillers.
  • Hydration is not stable, after 1 time, the shape of the cosmetic area is not beautiful anymore.
  • Some customers complain of side effects such as lumps and bruises after injection.

Combining the Lip Flip and Filler

The two procedures can also be used in confluence for optimal results. However, as well as control over the shape of your lips, also a combination of the two may be stylish to achieve your asked end result If you are looking for both added volume. The lip flip will define your cupid’s arc and deliver your asked shape, while the lip padding will add volume and rotund the lips.

Conclusion of Lip Flip vs Filler

Whether you choose to go with a lip flip vs lip padding (or both!) is fully up to you and your ideal lips! If you formerly have a decent quantum of volume to your lips and are simply looking to enhance their natural appearance, also a lip flip may be right up your alley! If you ’re looking for larger lips with fresh volume and a longer continuing result, also lip padding may be what you are looking for.

Still doubtful which lip addition treatment is right for you, or have questions about either of the injections? Communicate us to meet with one of our medical professionals to go over both options, and decide on the right treatment for your pretensions and lips. Everyone deserves to feel confident, and we can’t stay to help you achieve the luscious, movie- star lips you ’ve always wanted!

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